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Introduction: The English version is a translated version, so there may be some mistakes…😓
The Terms of Use shall be governed by the Japanese version.

Important notice

We are not responsible for any disadvantages that may arise from the use of the skins distributed on this site.

Prohibited matters:

  • Skins distributed on this site are distributed only on WORKMAN-SKIN.COM (https://workman-skin.com), and secondary distribution of skin images on other sites and social media is completely prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to claim ownership of the skins distributed on this site, or to transmit the fact that you made the skins yourself.
  • Direct links to skin images on this site are prohibited.

Permitted matters:

  • You are free to modify the skins distributed on this site and post them to videos and web content.
  • Link to the page where each skin is distributed.

About Copyright

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